Agent Anderson: Log 1- Target Alpha

“Who is Target Alpha?”
Anyone’s guess is as good as mine. Alex knows this- but protocol trumps common knowledge. He stands across the table from me, interrogating me for information that does not exist. While time ticks away, Alpha gets farther away from us- most likely wreaking havoc and harming innocents along the way.
I could be at home baking cookies and listening to my teenager rant about schoolyard gossip and boys. But this is the job I chose.
Save the world one criminal at a time.
“Alex, there’s no time for this-”
He frowns. “This is what I’ve been ordered to do.”
Orders are orders.
He walks over and sits on the edge of the table, his hand resting on my knee. “Sorry.”
I nudge his hand away. “You’re slowing me down. I still might have a chance at catching her.”
“She’s not the typical-”
“I’m the only one who can find her.”
He stares and says nothing.
“Let me do my job, Alex.”
He moves to the door. “Go home and get some rest. We’ll figure this out tomorrow.”
Tomorrow will be too late.
Target Alpha is the first being to reveal unnatural abilities. And the first to threaten mankind.
“What if there are more like her?”
Alex turns to answer, uncertainty evident in his eyes. “We may find ourselves at war with an emeny at a great advantage over us.”
My mission is clear- stop Target Alpha.

– Jorda


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