Agent Anderson: Log 2- Motivation

“X equals 3?”
When she rests her forehead against the knuckles of her fist, blonde hair submerges her face. Hidden behind herself,  she gives a loud sigh and taps her pen against the table. Her tutor, a few years her senior, flips through the textbook in front of them. Her finger touches a place on the page as she looks to the younger girl.
“Like this- just follow the example.”
“I’m not super smart like you and I hate math!”
She takes after her mother.
“How’s homework?”
My voice draws them out of their study session. Chelsea throws her hands up. “I give up! I quit.” She slams her textbook shut.
Her companion snickers. “You can’t quit school.”
“Just watch me.”
I remember my mission.
The images of Chelsea at her high school graduation. The uncertainty of letting her go off to college. Watching her marry the person who makes her feel complete. The memories I look forward to documenting in my mind and in my photo albums- they could all transform into empty hopes and dreams. My daughter smiles at me and reality sinks in.
I must do this. For my daughter and for everyone I love.

– Jorda


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