March 12, 2013 (Post Two)

Loss is painful. I have lost pets and loved ones. It never gets any easier. Our cat returned to the outside world today. No, that isn’t some metaphor for the great beyond. Avenger was an outside cat in his youth and maybe that was what led to today. Maybe being cooped up in a tiny studio apartment was too much for him. I will never know what caused today, but it happened and he acted in a way I have never seen in a cat. The guilt came in- we were barely home enough to give him attention and while we were gone- he was left with limited play room. He was trapped here and although it worried me to let him go outside, that was his home at one point. He had survived then, so it seems like he has a good chance.
Don’t bother chiding me about taking him to an animal shelter because sometimes those aren’t the best alternative. I feel bad enough about having to let him go. He was the first pet we could call ours. We was going to be the pet for our future first child. He was a part of our little family.
But I guess he wasn’t meant to stay ours.
I’ll miss that cat, even though he was such a pain and the least behaved cat I had ever had.
Be safe wherever you are, Avenger. May you live a long and happy cat life.


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