March 12, 2013

I have been lucky the past few years of my life. Despite my being born gay, my eventual coming out was received well by most, including my mother- a serious Catholic. So, maybe I have been a little spoiled by situations working in my tabor and maybe that has made me often forget there are still so many narrow-minded people out there. I hope to live in a world where I don’t have to worry about my children going to school and being picked on for having two mothers. So, that’s my thought of the day.

– Jorda


2 thoughts on “March 12, 2013

  1. We like to think change is a smooth, one-directional process, but it usually isn’t. There’s a lot of lurching back and forth, and at any given point we’re not sure which way we’re going. Every time we think we’ve gotten rid of racism, sexism, and all the rest, it turns out they’ve just gone underground. I’m glad you have supportive people around you. The rest of the world may never catch up completely, but your children will grow up in a loving family. So they’ll feel lucky, too.


    1. You make a good point. I know the rest of the world may never live up to my expectations for it, but it is nice to dream every once in a while, right? I plan to treat my children tolerance and acceptance of all people and I hope they grow up to be even more understanding and compassionate than myself.


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