Agent Anderson: Log 3- Tracking

48 hours and counting.
Target Alpha escaped from confinement and disappeared into the night. A criminal on the loose- physically unarmed yet still dangerous.
Outside, a woman climbs the driveway, approaching me as I take my early morning leave. The light on the garage illuminates her face. Lauren greets everyone with her typical scowl.
“You don’t have to do this.” Her eyes shift from mine to the house. “Your daughter needs you.”
“So does yours.”
She walks back into the shadows, her silhouette barely visible in the darkness. “Come on.”
“We think she’s close. And you are the only one qualified to make reasonable guesses at where her location may be.”
The possible whereabouts of Target Alpha for my freedom. Wind rushes around us. The sound is canceled out only by Lauren giving life to her vehicle. The growl of the engine threatens to awaken the neighborhood. Last chance to reject the responsibilities of my job and attempt to live the rest of my life as normal as my existence and lifestyle can grant me. I look once more to my home before the darkness engulfs and drags me away.
When I climb into the passenger side, Lauren tosses something onto my lap. The badge and identification inside bare little resemblance to those I previously had owned.
“Big promotion.”
Special Agent Rebecca Anderson.
My intel makes me valuable. As long as it pays off in the end. As long as I can locate Target Alpha.
“I know where to start.”

– Jorda


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