March 27, 2013

An important time has finally come. A group of people have the opportunity to change history, for better or worse. My fiancee and I are two of the many that will be affected by whatever this change may be.
DOMA. Prop 8. Hate transformed into supposed legislation.
I pay $800 for a shitty studio apartment because my government tells me I cannot legally get married in most states. I work to pay for my medical benefits. I have watched countless couples emerge around me and get married after two weeks or a month together and have a house handed to them no questions asked. My wife-to-be and I have been together for over two years, but that commitment means nothing to the military without a paper stating it is “official”.
I have had people suggest for me to cheat the system and marry a man for face. Not only am I morally opposed to that idea, I refuse to change myself to fit their normal. I want to be a part of what is considered “normal” without sacrificing how I feel or who I am.
I want equality. I want the same as what I would be entitled to if I were the spouse of a man.
We are all human. We bleed, we live, we die- all the same.
We all deserve the same rights.

– Jorda


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