August 9, 2013

I try to say away from reading too many blogs, especially when it comes to opinions on equal rights and homosexuality. I always seem to stumble upon posts that anger me. I get that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and your blog is your own to do what you want with it. What got to me was the blogger trying to pass of bullshit opinion as facts.
Russia is anti-gay, it has become a big thing in the news now, and it happens to be the country hosting the Olympics next.
This particular blog I found listed the reasons this person or organization agreed with Russia being against gays. Typical bullshit reasons. Homosexuality is harmful to the well-being of children and children with gay parents cannot grow up and lead a healthy normal life. This blog also had the audacity to rationalize that all homosexuals abuse drugs and that procreation would simply cease if every person was gay.
My wife is pregnant with our first child. We are among many gays and lesbians who want children. I hate these pictures that have been painted of people like me.
I am no different of person as I would be if I was straight. I would have still complained about hate and encouraged equal rights.
People who bring harm to family living or the development of a child, they exist in a completely different group. Homosexuality has nothing to do with it.
If you are a person truly concerned with the well-being of children and the future of the world, go feed the starving children and lock away all the murderers. Don’t try to encourage some campaign against people that mean you or anyone no harm.


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