Lessons for My Future Child(ren)

Life is a series of days and years of change. We change for the better and unfortunately, sometimes we change for the worse. I have spent more than twenty years building the reputation of the kind, quiet, calm, and compassion girl. But life has recently sent me through more than a couple unnecessary hoops. I traded a job where I was becoming well-respected to one where my job has a few decent responsibilities and my superiors rarely take my ideas into consideration. I worked two jobs to keep a small, studio apartment as a home, than traded up to a full time job that still pays just enough to get by.
Life has been hard. But this is not me complaining- just stating facts. Not seeking pity, just setting forth some exposition for this short tale.
I have not exactly taken the drastic changes in my life too well. My patience has wavered many times, my optimism has gone lacking through most situations, and sometimes I feel like I have lost a piece of me.
It took a sad look from my love and her telling me how much I had changed for the truth to really sink in. My positive attitude was what had always won people over at my job at Walmart. Well, that and my selfless decisions to occasionally bring treats for the associates in my department after a long work week or month. I learned how to ask for things to get done nicely and received positive feedback and results.
Now, I get into petty arguments with my supervisor and fail to always go above and beyond even when I see the opportunity to. I curse a lot, I let little things get to me sometimes, and I always feel tired.
Being frustrated so much is very exhausting.
Life is lame sometimes and it will always be hard, but it’s no reason to always be the pessimist.
The trick is to always find the pros, even if the cons may outweigh them.
And it is important to always stay cheerful and hopeful for the future.
Be a happy and positive you, and if someone tries to take that from you, kill them with kindness.


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