August 15, 2013

And after a long hour or so, the endless virtual pile of emails has been sorted through and only the necessary ones are left. Finding some things to occupy my time today. Off of work and waiting for my love to be done for the day. The next task will be to write.
Sitting in a laudromat sucking up some of the free wifi and catching up on Facebook and WordPress. Basking in the good news that I should be getting my spousal benefits within the next month. One more step towards equality for all.
One more month or so until I leave this island. Time to go out and take pictures of everything while I still have the time. Doubt we’ll ever be back out here. The island lifestyle is not for me.
I need winter. I need seasons.
And road trips that take longer than an thirty minutes to an hour.
Now, to work on some writing and dwell on more thoughts.


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