August 21, 2013

There are just some days when you feel like stupid can’t be fixed. But, instead of just calling people morons since it won’t help them learn why they are wrong and what’s wrong with their ignorance, I try to explain it.
And, of course, it’s like throwing sticks at a brick wall. No progress to be expected there.
I decided to join a group on Facebook because it is lesbian-friendly and there are some things posted that are worthwhile to me. But today someone posted a picture of s practically half-naked woman in a military uniform. The person who posted it saw no harm because freedom of speech, right?
The picture wasn’t of her and I’m pretty sure she has never been in the military from her response of calling people idiots for legitimately finding it disrespectful. Normally, I wouldn’t care and go on with my life.
But I found I was offended by it. Maybe because my wife goes to work wearing the same type of uniform. Maybe because I understand how pictures like that damage the perception of the job.
Sure, we live in a world where that’s a thing now- roleplaying as a slutty nurse, police woman, or even a solider. But it’s different when it’s an actual person with that actual job.
Or maybe I was offended simply because the girl trying to justify herself for posting it was a dumb bimbo who just wanted to report people and get them kicked out of the group for not finding her post appropriate.
Maybe you can’t fix stupid.


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