October 30, 2013

Eagerly awaiting for the first to arrive- for two very awesome reasons. First is we have a baby appointment, get make sure our baby is still healthy and growing. We are both extremely excited for the big day to get here, even though it’s still a few months out. Almost have all of the major, important baby items bought. My love is worried about the baby’s health- people love telling pregnant women horror stories about having babies, which is the exact opposite of what they need to hear. I’m remaining optimist until I’m told there’s something to worry about.
Even then, I’ll probably get a second opinion because past experiences with military doctors about super serious things health related issues have been challenged and sometimes proven wrong. Like my mother being diagnosed with MS and having to take shots for a couple of years before consulting other doctors only to find out she was misdiagnosed.
No, I am not saying all military doctors are terrible- I’m sure there are stories like that with doctors everywhere. I just don’t appreciate it when doctors keep telling my wife she can’t gain any weight during pregnancy and making her feel guilty for eating because of their weight standards. Yes, weight standards are what they are for good reason, but give the pregnant lady a break or you try to tell her she can’t have wall those things she’s craving. I, however, value my life- both psychically and sexually.
The other event I am excited for is NaNoWriMo. My outline is done, I’ve been making random notes, and I am ready to start. I think I might be cheating a little bit because NaNo is to just start writing whatever and go with it, but this is a project I have wanted to write and complete for a long time. I don’t want to give out the details of my story right now, but I will be sure to mention it later on after I get started with the writing of it. I originally wanted to work on two projects, but I would only be half-way committed to each. So I picked the one I get the most fulfillment and fun out of writing. I am definitely counting down the time until I can start bringing my story to life.


October 22, 2013- On Writing

I wish it was something easy to explain- the process of writing. Not the method you can find in textbooks or English class. The mental aspect of it- that’s what really makes the writing what it is. Awaiting a job offer to come in for one of my many applications and interviews, I decided to give a shot at NaNoWriMo this year. This week, I have spent much of my time putting together outlines for two projects I hope to finish before the New Year, if not before December. Already I have become immersed in my work, which never used to play on my guilt before.
Now I have a wife- a wife and a baby on the way. It’s hard to explain to the woman I love that writing puts me into a different mood. That things I’m usually up for doing, I don’t seem as excited to do. I become immersed into another time, another place- I become one person or several with different thoughts and lifestyles compared to mine. I become weird- zoned out more than usual. But that’s what it takes sometimes- to push away everything and everyone in reality. But it’s selfish.
And that’s the dilemma. Now is not a time to be selfish. Or maybe it is. In a few months, things will be different. I won’t have the free time I do now. I will still try to find time to write, but it will be in between the role of being a mother and wife and whatever else I may be at the time.
Writing is important to me. But my reality now is one where moments are being made often. Maybe I just need to work more on my balancing act.

Play a game a day to keep the doctor away

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What do you think the benefits of playing video games are?

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Having been actively engaged in reading about the benefits of playing video games and using them as a learning tool in the classroom, I have come to the conclusion that video games have the potential to be an exceptionally powerful learning tool, as well as a health benefit.

Gaming in the classroom

As a learning tool, it there are many benefits.  Scott Steinberg (2011) points out that if you “Look at ‘World of Warcraft’: You’ve got 11-year-olds who are learning to delegate responsibility, promote teamwork and steer groups of people toward a common goal.”  The same may be said when students are engaged in playing Minecraft.  There appears to be a very strong community element to participating in the worlds in Minecraft.  Margaret Rock (2005)…

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October 04, 2013 – Editing and Proofreading

Trying to figure out what font is appropriate for my e-book. Don’t want to use a typical font like Times New Roman, but I realize I can’t use one too distracting to the overall reading experience. Still proofreading… Trying to decide if maybe I need to change the title and what I should do with the cover. There are a lot of things, it appears, I need to bring into consideration before I can finalize my process and toss it out into cyberspace. Or maybe I’m just over-thinking it. I think I’m almost scaring myself out of putting it out there for fear of making mistakes, but I’m trying to look by that worry. Need to let this one be what it will be and learn from my mistakes and make the next one better.

Also thinking about deconstructing my Fictionpress page. My writing never did so well on the site in the past several years, so I’m going to go over all of it and probably post some of my work from that on here or revise and maybe publish. Still trying to decide on that though.

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October 02, 2013 – Writing

Kind of anxious.

Almost completely done with one of my short stories I plan on publishing as an e-book. Worried I won’t get all the mistakes out. Worried it won’t make sense to anyone but me. Worried no one will want to read or buy it. At the same time, I guess I shouldn’t be worried so much. I enjoy writing and I do it more for myself than others, so I shouldn’t care how successful it is. Besides, this is a first of many. They always say not to hope for the best of success on the very first try. You make a lot of mistakes and almost good enough attempts before you do it right. We can’t all pop out a Twilight book, but that’s okay- I hope to be a little more literately inclined.

So, here’s to hoping for the best. And if not, it’s not the end of the world.

October 01, 2013 – Baby Thoughts


Went with my love to her appointment today. Got to see the peanut in action for the first time in a couple of months. It was exciting to see her little arms and legs- she’s more of a little person now than she was last time I saw her. Excited- everyday brings us closer to having her outside of her momma’s belly. I can’t wait to take lots of pictures and track all the memories- big and small- with our peanut.
A year ago, my love and I would never expected her to have our first. Even a few of our friends told me they thought it would be me. But I’m glad things turned out the way they did. I love seeing the smile she gets on her face when she feels our daughter moving and kicking around.
Think I’m going to get out the baby book and see if we can fill out any more of the pages.

September 30, 2013

Lazy Monday.

Treasuring the days I have to do absolutely nothing before work starts again. Today was a great day of sleeping until one in the afternoon after having a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls this morning. My love is researching hedgehogs, completely determined to get one for our daughter. They’re cute, little creatures and not the typical pet- which is perfect for our peanut. Today, I was productive enough to send out another job application in case my job does not successfully transfer me. Almost completely finished with a short story I’ve been working on the past few months. Thinking about publishing it as an e-book, just to see how well it does in the published world.

Still counting down the days until our baby arrives. I can’t wait to dress her up in cute outfits with owls and pandas and watch all of her firsts.