October 02, 2013 – Writing

Kind of anxious.

Almost completely done with one of my short stories I plan on publishing as an e-book. Worried I won’t get all the mistakes out. Worried it won’t make sense to anyone but me. Worried no one will want to read or buy it. At the same time, I guess I shouldn’t be worried so much. I enjoy writing and I do it more for myself than others, so I shouldn’t care how successful it is. Besides, this is a first of many. They always say not to hope for the best of success on the very first try. You make a lot of mistakes and almost good enough attempts before you do it right. We can’t all pop out a Twilight book, but that’s okay- I hope to be a little more literately inclined.

So, here’s to hoping for the best. And if not, it’s not the end of the world.


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