October 04, 2013 – Editing and Proofreading

Trying to figure out what font is appropriate for my e-book. Don’t want to use a typical font like Times New Roman, but I realize I can’t use one too distracting to the overall reading experience. Still proofreading… Trying to decide if maybe I need to change the title and what I should do with the cover. There are a lot of things, it appears, I need to bring into consideration before I can finalize my process and toss it out into cyberspace. Or maybe I’m just over-thinking it. I think I’m almost scaring myself out of putting it out there for fear of making mistakes, but I’m trying to look by that worry. Need to let this one be what it will be and learn from my mistakes and make the next one better.

Also thinking about deconstructing my Fictionpress page. My writing never did so well on the site in the past several years, so I’m going to go over all of it and probably post some of my work from that on here or revise and maybe publish. Still trying to decide on that though.


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