October 22, 2013- On Writing

I wish it was something easy to explain- the process of writing. Not the method you can find in textbooks or English class. The mental aspect of it- that’s what really makes the writing what it is. Awaiting a job offer to come in for one of my many applications and interviews, I decided to give a shot at NaNoWriMo this year. This week, I have spent much of my time putting together outlines for two projects I hope to finish before the New Year, if not before December. Already I have become immersed in my work, which never used to play on my guilt before.
Now I have a wife- a wife and a baby on the way. It’s hard to explain to the woman I love that writing puts me into a different mood. That things I’m usually up for doing, I don’t seem as excited to do. I become immersed into another time, another place- I become one person or several with different thoughts and lifestyles compared to mine. I become weird- zoned out more than usual. But that’s what it takes sometimes- to push away everything and everyone in reality. But it’s selfish.
And that’s the dilemma. Now is not a time to be selfish. Or maybe it is. In a few months, things will be different. I won’t have the free time I do now. I will still try to find time to write, but it will be in between the role of being a mother and wife and whatever else I may be at the time.
Writing is important to me. But my reality now is one where moments are being made often. Maybe I just need to work more on my balancing act.


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