November 05, 2013 – A Change

So, life is tough sometimes. No- not in the dramatic sense that everything is going wrong, terrible things are happening to everyone kind of tough. Just the tough where you have to change up some of your priorities. I have little faith of reaching my NaNo goal of 50,000 words and I realize I am okay with that. My original goal was the finish before the end of the year, which is more reasonable since I have work, other responsibilities, and chores. No biggie. Despite my trouble with popping out a novel in 30 days or less, I am still trying to challenge myself to get some writing in everyday and in anyway possible. It is time for the next article for the magazine I write for, so that has been my focus for the past 24 hours.

This morning I had forgotten to bring my journal or notepad, so I got creative and starting brainstorming my thoughts on the weekly ad for my company. Between extremely expensive televisions and Apple Mac’s I’ll never own were my bullets and assorted ideas. And, as strange as it sounds, I found relief in this random task. The urge to write can strike at any time and you have to be prepared or figure out where the nearest resource can be located. Sure, I could have typed some notes up in my iPhone but I have come to notice recently that I am still more productive in writing when I take pen to paper. Technology may bring ease, but it just doesn’t do it for me when it comes to releasing the thoughts trying to escape my brain.

On a somewhat completely random note, I have decided to take my blog into a different direction. Well, in my case, I am giving it an actual direction. I got the idea to make it more personable- more like a reflection of myself. That brought the question of what do I like and what things are important to me? Then I took the few I could come up with off the top of my head and gave each a day of the week. Below you will find my topics for each day of the week and a little explanation of what will be blogged (although some are pretty self-explanatory).

  • Molding Poetry Monday – Since Monday is usually the day when things tend to drag on and be often discouraging, I chose that day to attempt to write some poetry. Wish me luck.
  • Tuneful Music Tuesday – The day when I will share a song, album, or artist I enjoy listening to and try to convince you I have good taste in music.
  • Wonderful Blog Wednesday – On this day, I will give props to another bloggers by re-blogging their greatness on my own blog and maybe saying a few words about my take on the post/blog or what I liked about it.
  • Throwback Game Thursday – This woman is not rich and therefore, is not certified to blog about games that have just been released. And I don’t know about you- but I have a slight pet peeve for extremely negative or positive thoughts on a game you have never played before. So, I will talk about games I have played- some may be retro old, and some not-so-old.
  • First-Time Mom Friday – Thoughts and misadventures of being a first time mother. Since we are still expecting, my posts until the birth of our daughter will probably be thoughts/worries and life lessons I plan to teach our child.
  • Serious Issues Saturday – I am not the biggest fan of reading the news and then starting fist fights on Facebook about current events. There are some things in the news that do catch my attention and that maybe more people should be aware of (in my opinion of course).
  • Silly Rant Sunday – Sunday will be about nothing in particular but often about a random theme. This will be the day when I unload the culmination of random and crazy thoughts and ponderments that plague me throughout the week and or life in general.


So that is my list. If I get the inclination to post random bits, I may post more than just the topic of the day- but these will remain my “absolutely must do or be punished by guilt” blogs.