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When a co-worker of mine got pregnant with her husband, I had a bit of jealousy run through me. Having a baby and starting our family was something my love and I wanted for over a year before she actually got pregnant. This post gives some insight to the challenge of pregnancy for lesbian couples, and I wish this blogger and her significant other much luck in their journey.

Conceivable Notions

match game


As a lesbian couple, it takes a bit more work to have children than your average straight couple. The BIGGEST challenge being determining what route to go when selecting a donor (known vs. sperm bank) and narrowing that field down. When talking to straight friends about the process, many of them thought that selecting a donor sounded “fun”. My response was always that it WAS fun… for about 5 minutes. Selecting the other biological half of your future children is an all-consuming (and many times frustrating) process.


Many couples (we are no exception) spend months looking over profiles and pictures, hoping to find a donor who is a “perfect match”. They pour over the information hoping to be able to gather enough bits and pieces to form a picture of what these individuals may be like as people, and how compatible that is with their current family structure…

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November 06, 2013 – Confusion

Okay, so the post I had for yesterday was meant for today. Apparently I’m still running on Guam time. Since today is indeed Wednesday, you can read the last post of mine for today’s topic and I will try to remember what day of the week it is.