November 07, 2013- Throwback Game Thursday: Chrono Trigger


Now that I have my days back on track, I will attempt to recreate my blog for today. The original accidentally got deleted. So anyway- today’s pick is Chrono Trigger.
When I was younger, I enjoyed playing the Final Fantasy series and become obsessed with owning and beating each one. Back when the old school Final Fantasy games were being re-released on PSOne, FFIV was paired in a collection called Final Fantasy Chronicles. The other game in this collection was Chrono Trigger. For its time, this game introduced several aspects not known or completely rare in video games. This game allowed you to hold a conversation with someone and walk around the immediate area and open treasure chests while they spoke. The game offers multiple endings, some silly and one “true” one. Then there’s the New Game+. This is an aspect in gaming that is now included in many video games from Final Fantasy to Resident Evil.
This game is amazing for many reasons. The characters are awesome, you are given the opportunity to play side-quests that develop the characters and grant you valuable treasures. You can unlock abilities for each character as well as dual and triple techniques which are more powerful attacks that require more than one character to be present. Once you get all or most of the characters, try some out. Also, if you notice the picture above, the NPC’s(non-playable characters) you meet are pretty memorable. My favorites are Gato, Melchior, that weird thing you meet at the End of Time, and the Nu.
So, if you have some free time, a DS or a PC- check this game out.


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