MetroVida 10th Edition

MetroVida 10th Edition

Although I have a separate section about my work with this magazine, I never really post anything regarding the issues. The newest issue posted recently and I decided to share. My article starts on page 11, but I encourage you to give the whole magazine a look through. I have so far been impressed with how they take a simple text document I send them and transform it into an awesome article with pictures and the works.


November 08, 2013 – First-time Mom Friday

I am not one to really to the watch the news- it’s usually super depressing. I mean, I try to keep up with LGBT issues in the news but as for the morning or nightly news- neh. But occasionally it finds me, like the other night. Today, the big problem with kids and teenagers these days is sexting. When I was younger, I had no cell phone or laptop or tablet. My first cell phone came to me in 10th grade and it was a flip-phone. My first iPhone was one I bought myself less than three years. Sure, we had the home computer and messaging services like AIM and Yahoo! Messenger, but back then my mind knew nothing of sending dirty pictures or messages to others.

And now it has become a nationwide epidemic. Even kindergarten children are being caught sending private texts- what the hell is going on in society these days? I worry about my daughter growing up in today’s world. My love has similar worries- she asked me once if we could home school the peanut. Funny how when you’re younger, you don’t think about all of the scary things that can happen to you on any given day, but once you’re about to have one of your own, you think of everything and it’s terrifying.

Sending pictures of under-aged children is a crime, which is something that parents had never to talk to their children about when I was younger. At least, not that I know of. How do you begin to have that conversation?

I don’t know.

I hope I never have to confront her about an issue like that, but we already live in a different world than the one I remember growing up in.