November 09, 2013: Serious Issues Saturday- Discrimination and Hate

I just read an article about ENDA and how the law may not stop all workplace discrimination against LGBT workers. Duh, you think to yourself. At least that’s what passed through my head, although I wish I lived in a world where I didn’t automatically have that thought. The problem is that discrimination and hate are two things still very present in our society. And no, this is not a LGBT or minority issue- this is a people issue. I get that people have their beliefs, their way of life, blah blah blah. I understand that not everyone will be 100 percent accepting of who I am and the life I lead and I am okay with that.
But your belief does not worry you to single someone out and bully that person to the point they feel insignificant enough to want to end their life. It does not give you the justification to not hire, to fire, to give negative reviews that are not real feedback to job performance, etc. And it definitely gives you no right to be harmful towards someone because of their differences. Everyone needs to learn a good lesson in anti-discrimination. And hate needs to be a word that vanishes from vocabulary- period.