November 10, 2013: (Not-So) Silly Rant Sunday

I had the idea today of going on a couple of different rants, but I finally decided to talk about an important topic to me and to others. When I was younger, I never really understood or valued the career my father had with the military. I didn’t get the “big deal” about his job or why it was considered different than other jobs. I have been fortunate in the recent years to have jobs providing services to active duty military and their families and it has helped me understand the importance of the job my father committed a good chunk of his life to do. I took for granted the benefits I had in my youth and missed out on all the stories I could have been told about my father being in the Air Force.
Some people go to bed every night never really thinking about what and who made their freedom possible. Not everyone goes out for a day and reflects on the fact that if we didn’t live in a free country, it wouldn’t be as easy to go about and do what we wish when we want to. I am a military spouse and those thoughts don’t typically cross my mind each and every day, but I have learned to appreciate life more when I do think of those who made sacrifices for the rest of us.
Not trying to lecture anyone here, but show some respect tomorrow. Some people have done things you could not imagine for America and so you can Facebook and tweet about problems that aren’t really that important. So, thank someone for serving and if you have or are serving, you’re awesome and I thank you for it.