(A day late) Throwback Game Thursday: Silent Hill

Sorry for the delay, yesterday was extremely busy. Today, for fans of horror-survival games, or for those interested in stepping into a new genre, this week’s blog is about Silent Hill. Yes, that terrifying video game that you would think gets old after a few times, but no matter how many are released, they are still scary. If you have seen either of the movies, you have experienced some of the creepy goodness that is Silent Hill, but the movies are nothing like the games.
Play them in order if you can, these games are good about referencing other characters and such from the other games. But if you only want to play one, that’s okay. And as cheesy as it may be, the first one is my suggestion. Yes, lame PSOne graphics, but that game still scares me to this day, no matter how many times I have played it. There are multiple endings, one of which you need to beat the game once to unlock the item necessary for getting one of the endings. Another super creepy game in the series is Silent Hill 4: The Room. You start off in a room (with a first-person perspective) and things start out normal and soon get very creepy and scary.
So, check them out and maybe keep a light on.
And if you’re wondering, this guy….


Doesn’t make an appearance until the second game.


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