First-Time Mom Friday- Stupid, Drunk People

This will conclude my rants about stupid drunk people for the night. To my peanut, this will be a lesson taught to you when you’re older. Never let drunk people ruin anything. Now, this is something I have found difficult in my older years. It will at a concert, a night out, or even at a movie. Unfortunately, stupid drunk people are everywhere and the really stupid ones find any reason to get completely trashed and act ridiculous. Take tonight for example.
My love bought tickets for us to go see Mayday Parade because they are my favorite band and I haven’t seen them in two years. So, we make it through almost the three bands following up to Mayday with a good spot. My love would occasionally come stand by me and the go sit to relax her feet. Yes, I know the pregnant woman shouldn’t be at the punk rock concert by she wouldn’t let me go alone. Then it happens, drunk one and two stumble up to our spot and fall like dead weight against me then the girl next to me when I move back. My wife, not one to take crap from people came up to help me push up against them to get them from being a big distraction to everyone around. The drunk girls got rowdy, tried to shove my pregnant wife, and then I was pushing both of them back by their chests as they attempted to claw at me.
The guard closest to us blamed it on my wife and she nearly got kicked out. When they pulled her aside and got the story, they came back for me and we had to move to a different part of the venue.I had pointed out drunk one and two but the guard didn’t pull them away when he walked me out. But they were smart enough to leave the spot before we we’re let back in to point them out to some other workers there.
I was so angry I wanted to leave but I’m glad I didn’t and stayed to see my favorite band. So, lesson of the day, try to avoid drunk people if necessary and never let them ruin your fun.


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