A PSA from someone trapped in the retail world

If you value your life, you won’t go shopping on Black Friday,
Of course you probably won’t listen to this warning because you probably think this is a ploy to lessen the competitors in the struggle to get merchandise for some dollars cheaper.
I have heard too many horror stories. People have been trampled at Walmarts. An old co-worker of mine almost got into a fist fight with an old man over some of those Leapster games for the kids. Remember that lady who sprayed people with pepper spray just so she could get some games or whatever for her kid?
Shopping should never be a danger to your health,
Every year, Black Friday get bigger and bigger and every year, people get more insane about getting those deals. Now we have Thanksgiving sales which is stupid because people should be home being thankful for things that actually matter.
I will be working on the day of absolute chaos but I work on a naval base where the customers aren’t as crazy- usually.
And if you still plan on going shopping on Black Friday, please be respectful and kind to those trail workers because they got their asses our of bed at ungodly hours just to have to work for hours straight and get a meager 30 minute break sometime in between their 6-8 hour shifts. We’re getting closer to Christmastime people, so we should be treating everyone with compassion and all though other nice emotions,
And please don’t be a crazy person- if people keep getting killed during these sales, they’re going to start calling them off completely and no one wins.
Thanks for your time.


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