Throwback Game Thursday: Tomb Raider

Prior to a couple of years ago when Squarenix created a badass reboot to all that is Lara Croft, there was the original Tomb Raider. Anyone who owned a PSOne should have played this game and anyone with a PS2 should have played the remastered version (TR: Anniversary). For those not familiar with the games or the two movies that came out x amount of years ago, Tomb Raider is about a lady that raids tombs and other places of vast excitement. You get some sweet pistols with unlimited ammo, Medi-kits that heal you from various wounds including raptor bites and scratches, and you’re a hot chick with big boobs. What’s not to love about this game?
Back during TR1, you didn’t need a complete set of weapons and gadgets to get through each level. You had the pistols, the shotgun, the Uzis, and a pair of magnums. And keys.
Among other random items found about the levels, of course.
Although the storyline was somewhat bizarre and maybe not well put together, the game was awesome and the levels extremely memorable, especially that one with the swords falling from the ceiling. But I won’t spoil anymore of the great adventure known as TR1. Besides the T-Rex.


It’s a lot scarier in the moment, trust me.


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