First-Time Mom Friday – High School

I have been doing a lot of remembering and thinking about high school. This is most likely, 99.9% likely, due to the fact I have been watching Awkward. almost daily to catch myself up to the new season. Today, my thoughts of a memory best long gone far away mixed with my ideas of who I hope our peanut will be in the future. Although it would make me super proud for her to be a genius and child prodigy who will provide us with a rich retirement, I think it would be best to set my expectations to a more realistic setting.

I was not one to be envious of when it came to high school. I was smart- top ten smart- and I posted some witty opinion articles in the school newspaper that often got me little recognition. Mostly because I was pretty invisible to half my grade and most of all others. I am proud of my few achievements because I had done something because despite me being completely anti-social, I was trying to expand my social circles (A for effort, but C- for execution).

I hope for my daughter to not be as awkward as I was in school and since she will be a mini of my love, I probably won’t have to worry about that. I hope she joins all the clubs she wants, plays a sport or two if that’s her thing, go to events, have friends and fun, and be the person she wants to be.

I once or twice had that thought of what school would be like if I had a redo. I would be more like myself today. I wish I would have embraced my differences and my sexuality and overall awesomeness. School would have been so much more interesting. But, from first-hand experience, I know school and society often makes it hard for one to feel safe with expressing their own individuality. And unfortunately, that era probably won’t be over when our daughter begins going to school. But even if she is doomed to face some challenges with school and growing up, she’ll have the support of her parents who know all too well about society and the hardships of not fitting the mold.