When people do hateful or messed up stuff to others, I don’t feel bad when the media gets a hold of it and shows them up as assholes. When someone lies and fabricates a story to gain pity and try to make someone else look bad, that’s just a disappointment. This is beginning to seem like what is going on with that waitress in New Jersey who said she was denied a tip because of her lifestyle.
Now, it’s quite possible she is a liar. It’s possible she isn’t.
Making a story up and victimizing yourself to bring more attention to the LGBT community- that’s just wrong.
You’re making us look bad.
This is the second story I’ve heard where a story was reported as an anti-gay act but later was proved to have been twisted slightly to seem like an attack on the LGBT community.
This is not me taking sides because I’m past the point of wanting to hear anymore about this mess. This is simply me saying don’t fabricate a story to further the LGBT community. We can make our strides without becoming victims. Don’t be a sympathy whore.

To read the latest update on the story, if you still care- follow the link.


Wonderful (Re)Blog Wednesday – Games as Little Gold Books

Haven’t found anything today that caught my interest but I noticed this a few days ago and it’s awesome. I enjoy finding posts like these. A couple months back I saw an article about if modern-day games were old school NES ones and showed what each cartridge would look like.
Since this post was so awesome, I instantly followed the blog. So, if you come across any clever posts like this about games- let me know.

The Nerded Up Craft Blog!

I hope you all are prepared for insanely cute, because I’m gonna show you some insanely cute art:


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