Throwback Game Thursday: Devil May Cry 3

It’s Thanksgiving and I am thankful for lots of things- my love and our baby on the way, family, friends, my job, and lots of other things I could list but probably risk boring you back into your turkey-induced coma. Another thing I am thankful for is video games because I’m a nerd and I enjoy doing something that takes me away from being somewhat boring and completely without magic powers. Yesterday I had the urge to play a game that I enjoyed very much some years ago when it first came out. The whole Devil May Cry series is notable- most people detest the second one since it does not have the same flair as the others, but I still played it and I was eventually rewarded with Trish as an unlockable character.

There is also a reboot that was released recently that is pretty different from the original games, but still has the awesome-devil-slaying, epic weapon and powers-ness that drew me into the original series. Of the four in the original series, the first and the third games are my two favorite. It is hard to pick between the two since the first one was the game that made the series, but I think I pick the third as the ultimate favorite because of the overall mixture of weapons, levels, gameplay, and the ability to be Vergil in the Special Edition version. Out of all the games, Devil May Cry 3 is the one I have played over and over again the most times- not to say the others don’t have replay value, they all do.

Below are the cutscenes for the prologue and the first mission (I suggest to stop watching after Dante gets attacked in his shop by the monsters). Since this game is a prequel to the first game, there shouldn’t be too many spoilers but if you want to play the games in order, have at it.

Happy thanksgiving and happy gaming!