New Year

Only a few more days until the next year begins. With it will come many changes. I will start a new job- one I am more deserving of. Our daughter will be born. And I will (hopefully) start publishing some of my work.
I’ve thought about making resolutions, but I’m a little skeptical. I tend to forget mine a couple of months in. Regardless of whether I make silly promises to myself on New Year’s, I do plan to set goals. Work extremely hard at my job and hopefully take another successful step up the ladder. Be a good mother and continue to try and be a good if not better wife. Actually stay committed to my writing, especially the editing bit.
I’m sure there are more wise words of self-reflection I could type, but my being sick is putting up a mental block. So anyway, if you aren’t in a place in your life that you’re completely happy with , change. New year, new you and all that stuff.


My Favorite Games of 2013

I have not had the pleasure of playing all of the great games 2013 has brought. I am happy to say I will soon get to experience the greatest of The Last of Us an other awesome PS3 games. So I have complied a tiny list of my favorite five video games of 2013.

5. DMC: Devil May Cry – I played through about half of this game but from what I’ve played it lives up to the hype and greatest of the original Devil May Cry games. It stays true to a lot of the elements the DMC games utilized while introducing new aspects and a new take on the characters Dante and Vergil.

4. Tomb Raider – Speaking of remakes, wasn’t the reboot of Tomb Raider super awesome? Hell yeah- Lara Croft went through a hell of terrible situation in this new release and she was badass the whole way though. She even dropped the f-bomb a few times. I was thoroughly satisfied with this game and I loved it so much I could not put it down when I first got it. The multiplayer is also pretty good.

3. Bioshock infinite – Infinite is like a completely separate game from the first two but shares a similar type of gameplay and overall awesomeness. The ending will pretty much blow your mind. Not going to ruin anything but it is one of those endings that makes you think.

2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – if you’ve been living under a rock, this game is typical awesome Zelda-ness. A (remake?)/re-creation of A Link to the Past but with new gadgets and this weird but nifty power that let’s you flatten up into/against ways and sneak around enemies in noob-like fashion and fit through skinny holes.

1. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix – Not just one game, but three. If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts, this is still worth your time. The game has indeed been remastered and it is actually the Final Mix version that Japan got but we didn’t- so bonus stuffs. This compilation also includes Re: Chain of Memories which I thought was a good game despite it being card based battle, and also that first game they released for the DS which I have not beat but now plan to.

So that’s my list-check them out. Feel free to leave suggestions of other awesome games. And good night- going to continue playing my Kingdom Hearts game.

Christmas Eve

For some, it may already be Christmas, but nevertheless this message still applies to you too. This Christmas, if not every day of the year, treasure those closest to you. Regardless of whether you are near family or just be friends, be thankful and be happy.
Think about those who have no one to spend the holidays with. Think of those away from home or those lost.
Wherever you are, just appreciate what and who are around you. The older I get, the more I learn to appreciate the little things. All of the presents could disappear and it would still be a good Christmas because I have the two most important things close to me- my wife and the baby in her belly. And I look forward to every holiday, every birthday, and every single day I get to spend with the two of them.
So Merry Christmas to you- wherever you are. Be happy, be joyful, and be thankful.

Just to Clarify…

Scrolling through my Facebook feed I noticed an article about a coach who claims his lesbian boss fired him for being too straight.
I will not be one to say it sounds completely ridiculous- it is possible. Sadly, some gays and lesbians are not the most ethical/moralistic inclined people like some of their straight counterparts. Bad people are bad people.
But that isn’t the point of this rant.
I noticed in the comments someone mentioning how horrible lesbians were because they hated me – or something to that affect.
That is a stereotype people.
I don’t hate men. I don’t appreciate it when some blatantly try to flirt with me at work but that’s different.
There are a lot of stories in the news of straights wrong gays for being gay and now gays wronging straights for being straight. How about we just discipline the people who wrong another human being by simply being discriminatory or prejudice?
If someone is wronged, then okay, portray that story. Don’t make this about a gay or straight agenda. I personally have no agenda. I just want the same rights I would have had I married and loved a man instead of a woman.
I just want to be considered an equal- is that too much to ask?

Christmas Eve Eve

Tomorrow’s the day before Christmas and I am thankful for not havin to work. I, however, will still have to get up and make myself presentable for an hour or so for a job interview I have.
It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes hopefully and then I can come home to my wife and our adventures in dog-sitting.
On a side note, these drunk or stupid people outside our window need to shut the hell up or go somewhere.
Glad I wasn’t trying to go to sleep or anything.
A third of the way done with my article- might work on it a little more tomorrow. Definitely not on Christmas. Might do some work on my collection tonight unless I fall asleep.
But anyway- happy holidays and good night…. Unless I feel like typing more random thoughts again.


Taking a short break from my article to cleanse myself mentally and prepare myself for some more journalistic thoughts. Listening to some music and spending some time relaxing on our new couches. Hard to believe there are only two more days until Christmas. I can’t wait until I get the rest of my awesome gifts and spend a whole day with my love doing a lot of nothing. I’m hoping I get a good chunk of this article done so I can spend some time working on the short story collection.

Well, better get back to work.

Short Story Collection

I have recently been hit by a touch of inspiration and am planning on putting out a collection of short stories I have written over the course of my years writing. I have started to put it together and am at 30 pages with the intent on adding more. Still in an early phase- need a title, still have to proofread and edit, and then get it ready for e-format. Also thinking about doing a poetry collection, but that one might take a little more effort to throw together.

I have few details about it right now since I’m still in the process of structuring it, and also since I’m working on an article for the magazine. So, stay tuned and if you have any suggestions for a title- throw it my way.

In other news, I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World yesterday and it was still as awesome as the first time. If you love video games, this movie is definitely for you. Go watch it! And read the graphic novels, too. Then download the game from the Xbox Live Arcade and play it in all of its 8-bit awesomeness.

(A Day Late) Throwback Game Thursday: The Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past

That’s an extremely long title.
Anyway- for those of you who are recent Zelda fans or have obtained the new title for the 3DS with little knowledge of its origins- stop what you’re doing right now.
Unless you’re currently on a break from playing A Link Between Worlds- commence with beating that game then play this awesome one I’m about to tell you about. You may have heard it mentioned but A Link Between Worlds is the recreated world of A Link to the Past.
I have sadly only beat one Zelda game and it happened to be the one released on the SNES seemingly forever ago. But it was awesome despite it not having brilliant graphics or the mechanics of games today. And obviously a lot of other people thought it was awesome too because it got this sort of remake.
So go play it. Get those emulators and ROMs out, unless Nintendo has a digital download for it somewhere.

Being Nice

I find myself wondering if I should keep playing nice. Of recent it has done little for me. I have been urged many times in the past week to put my foot down. And since I have always had the policy of asking nicely and it working successfully, I have rarely needed to be blunt and super serious.
But maybe it is time for a change. Being nice is causing me too much personal stress so I’ll tell and get someone more authoritative if my message isn’t heard out.
But enough about that.
This time of the year is a shitty time to be a retail worker.
In other events, Christmas is days away. I am extremely close to getting my PS3 and a handful of awesome games like the Kingdom Hearts remake- yay. My blogging may continue to be quite non-existent for a the next week due to work, the holiday, and an article I need to work on.
I hope the next few weeks rush by so our daughter can be here. Then I can get a break from work and ridiculous people who don’t want to work.

First Christmas

This is not my first Christmas. And to be honest with you, I can’t say I remember the very first- or any of first few. Somewhere in a box, my mother has a set of VHS tapes of Christmas when I was very young. I remember bits and pieces of every year- us sitting around the living room while the oldest sister helped my parents hand out the gifts. Each of us would have our pile to go through and the biggest gifts would always be the last ones we could open.
This year feels like the first real Christmas in a long time. Last year, I depressingly spent Christmas sleeping all day alone in our little apartment. Before that, we didn’t have our own place and I had just moved out to Guam to join my love so Christmas was spent on a balcony watching fireworks. And the year before that was when my mom had to take my dad to the hospital all day and I was left alone at home.
So I haven’t had the best track record of Christmases of recent.
But this one has been great.
We got our lights and ornaments for the tree, gift wrap, a gingerbread train, and a real tree.
I don’t remember ever having a real one.
Tonight we finally decorated the tree and it felt awesome. Our first real Christmas together. I can honestly say that even if we didn’t have any presents under the tree, I would still be completely happy.
I look forward to a few days from now when we will wake up, make us some hot chocolate, and sit around all day in pjs unwrapping and enjoying our gifts.