An Update

I have been missing in action for a few days. I spent most of my weekend at work, dealing with some of the best and a few of the bad Black Friday shoppers. Nothing Walmart crazy- no fights I know of. All that work pretty much wiped me out. I spent yesterday recovering and it was very relaxing. My creative thoughts were apparently also on vacation yesterday. So unfortunately, no poem this week. If you would like something else awesome to read (after finishing this post of course) you should check out Damned and Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk. Ever wonder what Hell is really like? Well, Chuck has an interesting idea. I’m in the process of reading the second and I’m almost certain Madison Spencer is one of my favorite characters of all time. Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself and enjoy.
In other news, there is more evidence that waitress in New Jersey is a liar (including her having been discharged from the Marines?) and now my gay and lesbian new sources are just as disappointed and pissed off as me. Karma can be a bad bitch sometimes.
But enough about negativity.
It’s Christmastime!
My work already started playing the jingles before Thanksgiving and despite some of those songs getting on my nerves, I try to enjoy the attempt to bring joy and happiness to everyone. I know some people can’t find it in their hearts to always be kind and compassionate, so let’s try it at least for this one month, okay? Being nice actually makes you happier person, by the way.


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