Wonderful Blog Wednesday: Video Game Sanctum

My WordPress feed has been kind of slow the past few days, so I was worried about finding an awesome blog to write about. Video Game Sanctum had caught my attention some days before with a review of the new Zelda game coming out (which I will hopefully be getting as a birthday gift..) so I decided to check it out some more today. I am very satisfied with this blog. News about everything video game related- reviews, updates on consoles and gaming news, and the monthly reminder of which games PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold members will be offered for free. And if you like writing about video games, they are looking for more writers.
I choice to reblog a short a post about Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea because Bioshock is awesome.

Video Game Sanctum



bioshock-infinite-burial-at-the-sea-Get ready to return to Rapture (before it was ruined.) The first story-related DLC for Bioshock Infinite is coming out November 12th. If you bought the season pass, you can just download it, but if you didn’t it will cost you $14.99. Burial at Sea Episode One sees Booker and Elizabeth exploring the city of Rapture the night before its fall and includes new weapons and a new Plasmid. I can’t wait to visit Rapture again as I love that place, too bad it isn’t real 😦

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