Throwback Game Thursday – Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Back long before the Wii and eventually other consoles released a Tony Hawk game with a skateboard controller and before Project 8 (which if you played the PS2 vs. the PS3 versions, there is a sad, significant difference), there was the original Tony Hawk series. When I was younger, I was big into the X Games and of course Tony Hawk, who was pretty much the man in skateboarding back then. The first THPS will always be one of my favorites because, like any first, it made the series, and it was awesome despite not having all the awesome advances of games in modern-day. I still have the original PSone disc and from time to time I do a speed run through the game and see how many goals I can get through a single playthrough.
The great thing about THPS1 is that the game has been remade in the recent years for I believe the Xbox 360 and PS3 (correct me if I’m wrong). I have to download it (sad face), but I as a long time I would play it simply for the fact of reliving old childhood memories with a present time kick to it. So if you need a break from those long RPGs, take a break and check this game out.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (2)


2 thoughts on “Throwback Game Thursday – Tony Hawk Pro Skater

  1. I loved this game on N64. It took most of my time to get every set of wheels and board logo for every character. Doing 1080 Christ Airs with Rune Glifberg was my favorite accomplishment


    1. I sadly never had a N64. : ( I put a lot of hours into all of the Tony Hawk games and trying to pull off a 1080 was also one of my goals. I got it a few times, which of course made me feel awesome. I haven’t really been keeping up with series after Underground, but I’ve heard not so great things about all the newer ones.


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