Today is supposed to be the day I give you a music recommendation but I could not think of one that I could right a lengthy enough post about. Although, you should check out the Garden State soundtrack- and also the movie if you’ve never seen it.
I then thought about giving a book recommendation. There are lots of interesting books you could be reading- The Poisonwood Bible, The Lovely Bones, and anything by Chuck Palahniuk (my writing hero).
But I didn’t have the patience for that either.
You know what drives me crazy?
People who try to second guess machines programmed to work like calculators. I cashier and push buttons on a register and still get people who question the accuracy of the box that computes math in seconds flat.
But what can you do but humor them because the customer may not always be right but you can’t really tell them they’re wrong.
At least not flat out because it pisses some of them off and it gets you in trouble.
And I’m ranting.
It’s bedtime but I’m not really tired so I’ll try to so some writing and see if that helps tire my brain out.


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