First Christmas

This is not my first Christmas. And to be honest with you, I can’t say I remember the very first- or any of first few. Somewhere in a box, my mother has a set of VHS tapes of Christmas when I was very young. I remember bits and pieces of every year- us sitting around the living room while the oldest sister helped my parents hand out the gifts. Each of us would have our pile to go through and the biggest gifts would always be the last ones we could open.
This year feels like the first real Christmas in a long time. Last year, I depressingly spent Christmas sleeping all day alone in our little apartment. Before that, we didn’t have our own place and I had just moved out to Guam to join my love so Christmas was spent on a balcony watching fireworks. And the year before that was when my mom had to take my dad to the hospital all day and I was left alone at home.
So I haven’t had the best track record of Christmases of recent.
But this one has been great.
We got our lights and ornaments for the tree, gift wrap, a gingerbread train, and a real tree.
I don’t remember ever having a real one.
Tonight we finally decorated the tree and it felt awesome. Our first real Christmas together. I can honestly say that even if we didn’t have any presents under the tree, I would still be completely happy.
I look forward to a few days from now when we will wake up, make us some hot chocolate, and sit around all day in pjs unwrapping and enjoying our gifts.


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