(A Day Late) Throwback Game Thursday: The Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past

That’s an extremely long title.
Anyway- for those of you who are recent Zelda fans or have obtained the new title for the 3DS with little knowledge of its origins- stop what you’re doing right now.
Unless you’re currently on a break from playing A Link Between Worlds- commence with beating that game then play this awesome one I’m about to tell you about. You may have heard it mentioned but A Link Between Worlds is the recreated world of A Link to the Past.
I have sadly only beat one Zelda game and it happened to be the one released on the SNES seemingly forever ago. But it was awesome despite it not having brilliant graphics or the mechanics of games today. And obviously a lot of other people thought it was awesome too because it got this sort of remake.
So go play it. Get those emulators and ROMs out, unless Nintendo has a digital download for it somewhere.


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