Being Nice

I find myself wondering if I should keep playing nice. Of recent it has done little for me. I have been urged many times in the past week to put my foot down. And since I have always had the policy of asking nicely and it working successfully, I have rarely needed to be blunt and super serious.
But maybe it is time for a change. Being nice is causing me too much personal stress so I’ll tell and get someone more authoritative if my message isn’t heard out.
But enough about that.
This time of the year is a shitty time to be a retail worker.
In other events, Christmas is days away. I am extremely close to getting my PS3 and a handful of awesome games like the Kingdom Hearts remake- yay. My blogging may continue to be quite non-existent for a the next week due to work, the holiday, and an article I need to work on.
I hope the next few weeks rush by so our daughter can be here. Then I can get a break from work and ridiculous people who don’t want to work.


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