Short Story Collection

I have recently been hit by a touch of inspiration and am planning on putting out a collection of short stories I have written over the course of my years writing. I have started to put it together and am at 30 pages with the intent on adding more. Still in an early phase- need a title, still have to proofread and edit, and then get it ready for e-format. Also thinking about doing a poetry collection, but that one might take a little more effort to throw together.

I have few details about it right now since I’m still in the process of structuring it, and also since I’m working on an article for the magazine. So, stay tuned and if you have any suggestions for a title- throw it my way.

In other news, I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World yesterday and it was still as awesome as the first time. If you love video games, this movie is definitely for you. Go watch it! And read the graphic novels, too. Then download the game from the Xbox Live Arcade and play it in all of its 8-bit awesomeness.


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