Just to Clarify…

Scrolling through my Facebook feed I noticed an article about a coach who claims his lesbian boss fired him for being too straight.
I will not be one to say it sounds completely ridiculous- it is possible. Sadly, some gays and lesbians are not the most ethical/moralistic inclined people like some of their straight counterparts. Bad people are bad people.
But that isn’t the point of this rant.
I noticed in the comments someone mentioning how horrible lesbians were because they hated me – or something to that affect.
That is a stereotype people.
I don’t hate men. I don’t appreciate it when some blatantly try to flirt with me at work but that’s different.
There are a lot of stories in the news of straights wrong gays for being gay and now gays wronging straights for being straight. How about we just discipline the people who wrong another human being by simply being discriminatory or prejudice?
If someone is wronged, then okay, portray that story. Don’t make this about a gay or straight agenda. I personally have no agenda. I just want the same rights I would have had I married and loved a man instead of a woman.
I just want to be considered an equal- is that too much to ask?


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