First Time Mom Friday: The First Night/Day

Our crazy day started late Wednesday night and is finally reaching a calmer point. Fifteen hours of labor and an emergency C-Section into it, our daughter was finally out. Hearing her cries for the first time made the world stop for a few seconds. A gush of warmth overcame my heart and those rare tears of absolute joy came. The rest of the evening and the morning following have become somewhat of a blur of constant monitoring and 15-minute or fewer long naps.
Now Saturday is almost here and hopefully by tomorrow night we can leave the hospital and finally bring our little girl home.
I look forward to enjoying all the days yet to come. All the cute faces she’ll make, the firsts that will come with time, and the how she will grow into a (most likely) trouble child and eventually an adult.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
This is just the beginning.


The Beginning

This would probably fall under tomorrow’s topic perfectly but it’s pretty much past midnight everywhere else in the states so here goes.
Today was the day- finally our baby girl was born. After a long night and day of preparing my love to have our baby, she finally came. It was a tough day and it was extremely terrifying. Imagine waiting almost a year for something and it doesn’t work out. Something going wrong was a big worry of mine, but my wife was in good hands.
Now, nearly 24 hours after the whole process started, Momma and baby are okay and ready for some sleep. Today has been both one of the most terrifying and happiest days of my life.
I am extremely grateful that everything worked out today. And I’m grateful for friends and her family, who have been supportive of us and our decision to bring another human being into the world.
I look forward to raising our Ella and learning the many lessons of parenthood.

Final Fantasy XIII 16-bit Story Summery or Catch-up

This was definitely worth the watch since I have yet to beat either of the first two games in the FFXIII trilogy and still plan on playing the new one when it releases. And I enjoyed the old school Final Fantasy mode of storytelling.

ZJ Gaming

If it’s been a while since you’ve played Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 and you don’t feel like replaying the game, or you might have skipped one of them and want a quick 8 minute summary, well you’ve got one. Square Enix released an 8 minute video summary of the game and it’s in 16 bit retrospect. I think giving it an old school feel just made the video so much more awesome.

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Today was supposed to be the day but it appears she has other plans. I shake my head at the people who cursed us by saying she would be late. The anxiety is killing me- if only there were 100 percent accurate countdowns for this type of thing.
Our daughter is due to come anytime now.
Unfortunately, it’s unclear when.
The closer it gets, the longer it seems to take.
So I’m going to cross my fingers and hope tomorrow’s the day.

My government. Not my religion.

Good thoughts. I agree.

Throwback Video Game Thursday: Kingdom Hearts

What do you get when you mix Disney characters/worlds and the amazing red of Square Enix and Final Fantasy?
One of the greatest video games ever made. I have met a lot of people who couldn’t get into the Final Fantasy series because of the battle systems. I will admit, the time/turn-based battles may not be the most exciting, but I personally learned to enjoy it. But Kingdom Hearts brings a more active, free-roam battle system.
At first I was a little iffy about this game. I thought it would be too childish, but it is definitely the opposite. It’s amazing and the more you get into the series, the story gets more intricate and confusing but not enough to mess with the flow of the game. I don’t want to go too much into the storyline but it involves the main character Sora teaming up with Donald and Goofy to travel various worlds to find King Mickey.
The remastered edition of the first game and a couple of others in the series is available for the PS3 now and it is amazing, so check it out. And if you like it, the rerelease of the second on PS3 should be coming out sometime this year before KH3 drops.

No Excuse

I understand, more than others, that some jobs are shitty. I worked fast food, I still work in retail, but there’s never been a good excuse for me to be a complete asshole to a customer. Even the tedious ones- the best way to handle the situation is to suck it up and move on after because you probably won’t see or remember that person again, and they aren’t worth you getting in trouble at your job.
Some lazy, rude, ignorant dudes at Long John’s Silvers made me and my pregnant wife wait 15 minutes for our food and half of it was cold. It wasn’t busy at all in the store, yet they rushed us through the drive thru just to make us wait and screw up everything. Don’t really want to get into the whole story again, but it was ridiculous and unnecessary. I get that no one really wants to work in fast food, but it’s a job and you really shouldn’t be working somewhere if you’re going to half-ass it. I have had people threaten, insult, and talk down to me, but I never stopped working hard and it all helped me out in the end.
Be who you want to be outside of your job and do your job right when you’re on the clock or get another job.

On the decline of fucking civilization

Welcome to infinitefreetime dot com

My meme. Share as widely as you like.


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Please wait.
Choose your storage device,
Pick your difficulty.
Run through the tutorial,
Start your journey.
Level up,
Upgrade your armor.
Fight the bosses,
Reach the end.
Game over,
New Game+


Editing and proofreading are my two enemies when it comes to the writing process. In the past, I often would sit down and read back stuff I wrote and could not stand to see it become publicly viewed. But now as I get better at writing and have somewhat found my voice, not everything I reread is terrible.
Doing pretty good with working on my collection. Did lots of proofreading today and planning to continue to do so once I get this post out of the way. I may post one or two of the pieces, or I might not. Haven’t decided.
Well, going to tend to my lovely wife and then go back to work.