Remember when…

You could put a video game in the console and go straight to playing it? Although I love my Xbox 360 and my PS3, it saddens me when I download or put in a new game and I’m confronted by an install and/or update screen. The other day I downloaded Netflix and promptly after installing, I had to get an update- what the crap?
I wanted to play a racing game with my wife last night and this popped up….


This actually came up after the twenty minute installation. x.x And don’t even get me started on when I got ready to hook up the PS3 and play my Kingdom Hearts game. But I guess that’s what happens- you win some, you lose some. I guess with super advanced technology, you can’t just insert the cartridge and Nintendo Zapper and get on to shooting ducks in seconds flat.
Times have definitely changed since I was child. Does anyone else have these frustrations when they just want to sit down and kill virtual things?


6 thoughts on “Remember when…

    1. I think I’ll wait a little for an Xbox One- I’m setting my sights on the PS4. But definitely- updates are the worst! And now they make it so you can’t play until you download it.


  1. As good as cartridge days were, and theres nothing more satisfying that inserting Zelda: Links to the Past in a SNES, the install times were lame on PS3 at times, MGS4 took forever, but this has been vastly resolved for the PS4 (cant speak for Xbox One but I hear the install times are slow), Assassins Creed 4 had installed quicker than I could get a glass of water from the next room. So seems to be getting there.

    But good read πŸ™‚ Thanks


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