Goals for the Year: Part One

I don’t want to call them resolutions because I find something about resolutions makes me not obligated to accomplish them. So, I’m going to start setting some goals as the days go by. Today’s first goal is to ride myself of the energy drinks- which will be the first of the sugary beverages I will be stopping temporarily and then having in moderation in the future. Also- staying away from the alcohol. The peanut’s around the corner and I don’t want to have the bad luck of getting drunk one day and my wife happens to go in labor.
My other goal is to finish editing a section of my short story collection each week. I haven’t been doing too much work on it and it isn’t a big deal if I don’t end up working on it much once the baby gets here, but I would like to get it finished and published before I come back to work in the late spring.
So, that’s my two so far.

Goals for 2014:
1. No energy drinks – Day 1
2. Finish short story collection by April 2014 – complete, in editing process


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