No Excuse

I understand, more than others, that some jobs are shitty. I worked fast food, I still work in retail, but there’s never been a good excuse for me to be a complete asshole to a customer. Even the tedious ones- the best way to handle the situation is to suck it up and move on after because you probably won’t see or remember that person again, and they aren’t worth you getting in trouble at your job.
Some lazy, rude, ignorant dudes at Long John’s Silvers made me and my pregnant wife wait 15 minutes for our food and half of it was cold. It wasn’t busy at all in the store, yet they rushed us through the drive thru just to make us wait and screw up everything. Don’t really want to get into the whole story again, but it was ridiculous and unnecessary. I get that no one really wants to work in fast food, but it’s a job and you really shouldn’t be working somewhere if you’re going to half-ass it. I have had people threaten, insult, and talk down to me, but I never stopped working hard and it all helped me out in the end.
Be who you want to be outside of your job and do your job right when you’re on the clock or get another job.


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