First Time Mom Friday: The First Night/Day

Our crazy day started late Wednesday night and is finally reaching a calmer point. Fifteen hours of labor and an emergency C-Section into it, our daughter was finally out. Hearing her cries for the first time made the world stop for a few seconds. A gush of warmth overcame my heart and those rare tears of absolute joy came. The rest of the evening and the morning following have become somewhat of a blur of constant monitoring and 15-minute or fewer long naps.
Now Saturday is almost here and hopefully by tomorrow night we can leave the hospital and finally bring our little girl home.
I look forward to enjoying all the days yet to come. All the cute faces she’ll make, the firsts that will come with time, and the how she will grow into a (most likely) trouble child and eventually an adult.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
This is just the beginning.


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