Trash Talking and Online Multiplayer

As I have mentioned before, I am not that person who owns all the new games and consoles right when they release- unless it is a game I really really want. Although my wife and I got into Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, we had not been planning on getting CoD: Ghosts for a while. But Ghosts came to my love as a gift from her dad so I decided to play it the other day while the baby was napping.
I was not amused by several “conversations” held in the lobby between two of the games. One line was “I’d rather be a faggot than fat.” Until the match started these two continued the battle of calling each other “fat” and “faggot”. I hate the word faggot in the context it is used today. As I type it, I kind of cringe inside.
Fag is a bunch of sticks or a cigarette, not a word that should be used as a hateful slur against a guy.
The funny thing about this whole thing is that on Black Ops 2, I barely heard any trash talking, unless it was from some stupid kid who shouldn’t be playing and dropping f-bombs anyway. I guess the real trash talkers only play what is hot and popular at the time.
I’m not on a campaign to stop cyber bullying even though it is a big problem today, but I wish there was a better way to moderate the online realm and deal with cyber terrorists accordingly.
I go online to play against others and test my skill versus that of others- not to listen to some asshole call me a stupid, fat bitch and make it his goal to verbally harass me in an attempt to ruin my day.
Get over yourself. You sound like an idiot when you sit there and trash talk to someone over virtual world affairs. I am content with never being the very best CoD or Halo player in existence but I do better than a lot of guys I’ve played with and that makes me feel pretty awesome.


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