Throwback Game Thursday: Captain Skyhawk

Yesterday was an extremely important day for me, although I’m glad I didn’t realize the date until later on. February 5, 2011, was the date my father lost his battle with cancer. So today’s post is in honor of him.
My father liked playing video games- not as much as I or my sisters did but enough to be very awesome at Super Mario Bros. He knew where the hides. 1-Ups were and could do that trick with the shell on the stairs at the end of the level that gets you a lot of points. I don’t really know how to explain it better than that so I apologize.
Another game he played very well was Captain Skyhawk. It was another old school Nintendo game where the player flies a jet plane around shooting targets, saving hostages, and making tedious cargo drops. As a child, I was terrible at the game. About a year or so back, I downloaded an emulator and attempted to play the game. To this day, it is still challenging and it took me kind of cheating and loading states (if you know what that means) to get to the fourth set of levels.
Below is a screenshot of the game. No fancy graphics of course, but it is a good waste of a few hours in the day.