The Peanut

My mother had called me about a week or so ago asking about how well I was doing as a new parent. Because, besides being woken up every hour or so at night, taking care of a newborn baby is so hard.
That’s sarcasm.
Yes, you can’t get a full night of sleep. Yes, your whole day now revolves around someone else besides yourself. Yes, you may have to suddenly leave that Call of Duty match to feed or change your child.
Still- I don’t understand the horror stories.
Maybe it’s because I’ve only been a parent for two weeks, or maybe because our child was not “accidentally” conceived.
I have met a mother willing to sign away her rights to a child barely a few months old- she has yet to go through with it, thankfully.
I have had a friend who would play on Facebook all day and bitch at her children if they made too much noise playing.
The second of the two, for reasons unknown to me, wants to have another child.
Anyway, the point of this rant is that having and raising children is difficult. You won’t always get the sleep you want- at least for the first handful of years or so. And your time isn’t just yours anymore. These two things and probably more were things I understood when my wife and I planned to have our daughter.
And I get it will get harder in the coming years- teething, potty training, making a set bedtime, and everything else. But how awesome of a parent are you once you survive all that and eventually make an upstanding citizen and person out of that child?
I personally look forward to all the moments of raising The Peanut- challenging and non. And I dare someone to ever try to tell me I don’t deserve to raise a child in my home because she doesn’t have a father and mother. My child was planned, wanted, and created with the upmost love and will be raised with that love and much more.


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