Lightning Returns (and it’s pretty badass)

I’m only about an hour into playing the new game and I am in love with it already. It could be because I get to run around as Lightning- one of the most badass chicks in a Final Fantasy history. It could also be because I can put her in sexy and awesome outfits (downloaded my Cloud outfit and excited to equip it). But I think most of my happiness comes from how easy it was to get into the game. The first FF13 I have yet to beat or even get halfway through. I did better with the second because Square Enix did make some overall improvements (and a flying moogle followed me around).
I know- maybe I’m speaking too soon since I’ve only just starting playing. But seeing the trailers and playing the demo both convinced me this game would be more worthwhile and my Facebook wall keeps popping up with good reviews all around, so maybe this isn’t too preemptive.
But anyway- check the game out if you haven’t yet. Once I get farther into it, I’ll make sure to give a better review.