Proofreading (ugh x.x)

My short story collection is put together and lacks just a title and an author bio. Well, I had the bio on another draft of the collection but that laptop died recently and that draft is gone forever. I have one big step left before throwing it up on Createspace and officially being done with the project- proofreading.

I have love/hate for proofreading.

I enjoy at times going back and reading what I wrote before because some of it impresses me. Unfortunately, some of it is not my favorite or I am just indifferent. What kills me with proofreading is reading it over and over and over. I can probably read through the whole collection one or two more times and be set, but it is tedious. Right now I’m trying to convince myself to start the proofreading process once again but it isn’t exactly going well.

Maybe I should find some volunteers to help me find those little grammatical errors my eyes may have overlooked.

Or maybe I should just suck it up.


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