Throwback Game Thursday: Rocket Knight Adventures

Have you ever wanted to run around as a possum, or something like that, thing with a rocket pack attached to its back? Well, Konami made that game for you some years ago. There’s good and iffy news.
The good news is that emulators and ROMs exist. The iffy news is that a sort of sequel was released on the Xbox Live arcade. However, the arcade game looks a little too busy for me graphics wise.
Anyway, Rocket Knight Adventures is a platform game which I’m assuming was Konami’s alternative to Sonic the Hedgehog. You have to save a princess from an evil pig dude and you go through all sort of interesting levels with your jet pack and sword in an attempt to save her.
I found it to be pretty enjoyable and even a little challenging in some parts, but if you have a lazy afternoon and no other awesome games to play, Rocket Knight Adventures can keep you busy for a couple of hours. The video below is a play-through of the first stage. Credit for the video goes to Youtube user thatsnakeisdrowning.

So have fun and let me know what you think!


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