Splendiferous Literary Sunday – The Forest for the Trees

As a writer, I do not encourage other writers to learn everything from books about writing. There are great books out there about how to write. I read though about half of Stephen King’s On Writing, which was an interesting read. I have also read lots of books about literature and writing for college courses that have kept my interesting. However, I do not do everything they tell me to. I don’t always use correct grammar when blogging or writing from a certain character’s perspective.

The point is- no one can tell you exactly how you will develop as a writer and what is the best method for you. But the more you do read of the dos and don’ts, you get ideas of what to try and further mold your technique into your own. The current read, The Forest for the Trees, is a book written by an editor for writers. I’m only a few chapters in but the beginning of the book has been entertaining, It lists the different types of writers and individual advice depending on which category you may fall under. Since I have yet to read the whole book, I cannot give an entire synopsis, but Amazon has the “look inside” feature.

So, check it out- the link’s below.