Throwback Game Thursday – Age of Empires series

Do first-person shooters annoy you to no end? Are platform games too short and quick to beat? Okay, so maybe you’re more of a strategy type of person. When I have a break from console gaming and the responsibilities of life, I log onto the laptop and create an ancient civilization and do battle with the Romans or the Egyptians, who always seem to be two ages ahead. Age of Empires is good, time-consuming fun.
If you’ve played Civilization, it is the same concept. If you haven’t- you can download Civilization Revolution free if you have Xbox Live Gold. I cannot say how good that game is but if you then realize you enjoy strategy games, you can probably find a decent copy of one or two of the AoE games for under $20. I saw a pack of the first two games at Walmart.
If you happen to get the third game in the series, you can build your own maps and even have tame lions in your kingdom- I had about 20 just because- they’re like big guard dogs.


My army on a random map- had to take the picture from my iPhone since I couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot in the game.